What is Social Media

Social Media is the communication tool of the now and of the future. We love stats, facts and figures at TMCC – try some of these on for size..

Think of all the business you could earn by engaging in effective social media

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Why Do I Need Social Media?

Seriously? Is that really your question?

  • Over 52% of Adults Are Active Monthly Users on 2 or More Social Media Channels
  • There are over 2.08 Billion Active Social Media Accounts Worldwide
  • Over 70% of Consumers Will Purchase Based on Recommendations of Friends and Family From Social Media Channels

The question is – how can my business survive without social media? I know that Social

Media is great for B2C businesses & eCommerce but my business is B2B – is social media still relevant to me? A big YES to that question! Social Media marketing is definitely executed differently in a Business to Business industry but it is exactly the same principle.

We use a different combination of Social Media channels for B2B than we do for B2C because the target market and their reasons for engaging are entirely different. Social media is not about selling a product or a service – in fact, it is not about “selling” your business at all. Social Media marketing is about communication, engagement, education and inspiration.

Wouldn’t you like to communicate with your market, engage and interact with your market, educate your market on your product or service and inspire your market to become your raving fans and external Word Of Mouth marketing team? Of course you would! When your customers and clients know, like and trust you – they will purchase from you – it’s as simple as that!

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How Can TMCC Help Me With My Social Media Marketing?

Well, we are so glad you asked!

  • We Can Create Your Social Media Marketing Plan. This is Your Road Map to Customer & Client Engagement.
  • We Can Set Up All of Your Separate Social Media Channels And Make Your Profiles Look Amazing
  • We Can Provide You With Consulting And Advice If You’d Like to Do Your Social Media Yourself OR
  • Your separate social media posts
    • All of Your Social Media Content Whether Original or Curated
    • Your Weekly or Monthly Blogs
    • Your Newsletter Management
    • Your Social Media Competitions
    • Your Social Media Advertising

On Which Social Media Channels Do You Work?

The Marketing Consulting Company takes all of the worry and stress away from your social media. We plan with you, we create content for you, we consult to you and we save you countless hours so that you can concentrate on your business and leave the social media to us.

Contact us today for an obligation free consultation to see how The Marketing Consulting Company can help you engage and communicated with your customers and clients and to develop a raving fan base for your business, product or service.

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