What is Marketing Project Management?

Like any large project, there are often a number of suppliers, all with their own agendas, their own timelines and their own expectations. The art of Marketing Project Management is to pull of the suppliers together and to manage of the processes along the way. Central Project Management means that you have one point of contact, one person with whom to communicate and your stress and time spent on the project is infinitely decreased.

When Do I Need Project Management?

If you are launching your business, launching an app, product or service or requiring a large marketing campaign to be on time, on budget and most importantly on your terms – project management is what you will need. The project could be as small or as large as you like but keep in mind, the larger the project, the more valuable a Project Manager will be to the campaign.


Marketing Projects can range from large scale corporate campaigns and annual marketing campaigns for small businesses and entrepreneurs, through to designing and taking a new app to market.

With our vast network of staff, suppliers and contacts, The Marketing Consulting Company’s Project Management scope includes but is not limited to;

  • Strategic Marketing Planning
  • Social Media Marketing & Fan base development
  • Content Creation
  • App creation and marketing
  • Website branding & redevelopment
  • Brochures, stationery and packaging
  • Large format printing
  • Branded Products
  • Development and sourcing of products
  • PR and media

Project Management Sounds Expensive
– How Much Will it Cost?

Just like “how long is a piece of string”, this question can’t be answered without first understanding the breadth of campaign or the project and your expectations.

From this discussion, we will give you a firm quote and the parameters of the project management.

Sometimes this is a percentage of the overall project and sometimes this is a fixed fee.