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“Most Small Business Owners are exceptional at what they do but usually not so exceptional when it comes to marketing their idea, product or service to their target market. We can help…”

I’m Not A Salesperson, How Can I Generate Leads to My Business?

Traditional sales methods such as door to door and cold calling that require specific sales skills are only 2 of the literally hundreds of lead generation methods available today.

Although you don’t necessarily have to be a salesperson, it is a fact that the most important element of EVERY.SINGLE.BUSINESS is selling (via marketing) the product of service.

For example: we all need water to survive so you’d think – “no one needs to “sell” water, however the reality is that huge corporations such as Coca Cola and Evian spend millions of dollars each year marketing (selling) their water products.


Lead Generation Sydney
Lead Generation Methods Sydney TMCC

What Lead Generation Methods Does TMCC Utilise?

The Marketing Consulting Company is both client focused and driven by the latest in technology and marketing trends. After consultation with you, we work out the best methodology for your business.

The Marketing Consulting Company concentrate on measurable lead generation tactics. For each project, you must be able to measure and guage your return on investment (ROI) otherwise you wouldn’t know if the promotion was successful or not.

We utilise many forms of technology and we walk you through the planning process to ensure that we are target your ideal market and customer or client. We then have all of the resources to ensure your lead generation campaign is a success.

Some Of The Tools We Use Are:

  • Fan base marketing
  • eBook Writing And Publishing
  • Video Blogging
  • Competitions
  • Word Of Mouth
  • Local Directories
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Animation & video
  • Community Building
  • Fan base marketing
  • PR & media exposure
Lead Generation Marketing Tools